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El Hato Literacy Center

Before the pandemic, we worked with the underfunded public school in El Hato, taking care of the funding and management of a full-time teacher/coordinator who provides various services, including:  homework help; library services; tutoring; organizing after-school activities; and coordination of selected educational activities.  Due to lack of funding, the public school itself was not able to provide these services.

Unfortunately, Guatemala public schools have been closed since the pandemic started and virtual learning is impossible in a community like El Hato.  Instead, the teachers give out work packets for the students to do at home.  As anyone who has dealt with the frustration of virtual learning can easily imagine, effective learning via work packets is not possible; families are simply not in a good position to support their children in this type of environment.  That's why, in 2021, we joined forces with two other NGO's, Las Manos de Christine and SERNiña, to rent a house in El Hato.  Now we provide much needed tutoring to El Hato students.

The photos below are from pre-pandemic days.  Nowadays, our tutor and her students are masked up and socially distanced during their tutoring sessions!

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