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Garden of Hope

The Garden of Hope is a community garden providing children and youth with a space to connect with nature, foster joy, and develop life skills.  Formerly located in Jocotenango, we have moved the garden to El Hato.  Our activities include:

Environmental Education

The Garden of Hope provides gardening classes in El Hato.  Our curriculum is creative, hands on and based in humane education principles.  Our environmental education program strives to make our garden space and services accessible for anyone.  We impart classes to students of all ages and backgrounds.  We provide services through honorary donations and/or exchange programs.  To plan a field trip or visit, contact:

Community Development and Nutrition

We provide a variety of opportunities for our community to get involved in the garden.  Our Community Days are a particular favorite.  These special days happen once a month.  An average of 30 people of all ages show up, help maintain and build in the garden, play garden related games, listen to music, paint, cook, and eat a healthy snack. When possible, each family leaves with a bundle of produce from the garden.

Learning Garden

We have a community garden complete with an outdoor picnic area, a kitchen, and a composting system.

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