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Here are some ways you can help us help Guatemala's children.

Set up a Facebook fundraiser

It's easy to set up a Facebook fundraiser to support Together We Can Guatemala.  A great time to do it is in the month before your birthday or just before Giving Tuesday (the Tuesday after Thanksgiving).

Help us build our network of supporters

Share our story with your community on Facebook, at school, or in your church.  See if they may be interested in hosting a fundraiser to support Together We Can Guatemala.  Share a link to our Donate page.  Or you can start a GoFundMe.

Become a partner school

This can take many forms from classroom fundraisers to kids connecting with kids through common classroom themes.

Volunteer remotely

Donate a few hours of your expertise.  Help us recruit volunteers or research and write grants.


Volunteer in Guatemala

We are always in need of volunteers on site, both at the garden and the library.  Volunteer responsibilities range from basic garden maintenance, to teaching, to carpentry, to water system design.  Contact us for more details.


Sponsor a student or teacher

Please consider donating to sponsor a student or teacher.  Here's what your donation can do:

  • Yearly Child Sponsorship for library and extra-curricular programs in El Hato village:  $5 per month per child.  We are seeking sponsorship for 150 children.

  • Yearly sponsorship for two salaries:  $7,000 per year per salary

    • Gardener/Cook:  Garden to Kitchen Nutrition Program​ of the Garden of Hope

    • Library Teacher:  Working with children in El Hato village

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